About Me

Who I am and how I can help you

Hi, my name is Shawn, host of the Stories of Starters Podcast and I believe you have something valuable to share with the world.

I have an incredible wife and four great kids that bring me joy.

We make our home in Cleveland, Ohio and love the variety of seasons here, from Spring to Summer to Fall. Yes, Winter, we love you too… but you can be a little cold and dreary sometimes.

As described by a friend, I’m “a creative trapped in an engineer’s body.” I’m an engineer by trade, which means that I love to problem solve and design. But I’m also a creative who loves to write, create, imagine, and try new things.

I believe that we’ve all been uniquely designed by our Creator to make a difference and bring value to the world. And I want to help you take your dream or passion and do something more with it.

The interviews you’ll hear on the podcast are Starters just like you who had something stirring inside them, something they just couldn’t ignore, something that they had to do. And each episode tells a different story, with tips, encouragement, and inspiration to take you the next step of the journey.

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