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In this episode, we talk to furniture designer Alex Loos about his company, Hans Noble Design, what it’s like to have the freedom to do what you love, and we find out what project took 800 hours to complete.


From the interview…

  • What life is like as a father and entrepreneur. And the new addition that’s coming (actually just arrived :).
  • What’s special about Cleveland and the maker scene.
  • What Alex is excited about right now. New custom podium project. The challenging projects are the most fun.
  • Hans Noble Design specializes in creating custom furniture for commercial and residential use
  • 14 foot tall copper tree
  • For 8 years, Alex was working for his dad during the day and spending hours at night creating furniture and working on his craft
  • One of his biggest challenges: Finding good workers. Starting out, he never thought he’d even be able to make a business from what he was doing, so finding good employees is a good problem to have.
  • Some stresses he faces: Getting jobs done, collecting payments. But he’s OK with these, because they’re stresses he’s created.
  • Freedom isn’t freedom from hard work. It’s freedom to pursue work that you love.
  • There’s a misconception about wanting to be done with work, instead of doing work that gives us purpose
  • When did he think he wanted to do something with his hands for a living? He grew up working with his dad. One day, saw a chair in a store and wanted to learn how to make it. Dad taught him how to weld and opened a whole new world to him.
  • Where does the name Hans Noble come from? Hans from his father and grandfather. Metalworkers. Noble from mom’s side, artist. The mix of the two creates a fictional character that personifies the work he creates.
  • Did he ever think he’d be able to have his own business doing what he’s doing? He was doubtful at times, but kept pushing through.
  • He’s thankful for the support from his wife, who urged him to step out on his own and encouraged him.
  • Has it been a challenge to be a craftsman running a business? He actually has a masters in business but still feels like he’s figuring it out as he goes.
  • Are there any jobs he’s turned down? Very few, but there are still some he turns down now and then.
  • Some of his favorite projects? Large copper tree, took 800 hours. Also loves doing custom work, podiums. He loves to see a design come to fruition.
  • If he was offered a job working for someone else, would he take it? Nope. He loves the freedom of working for himself.
  • What did it mean for Alex to be ready to launch? He put in years of work on the side, honing his craft before launching out on his own.
  • Alex’s thoughts to fellow starters: Don’t give up hope. There’s always a way.

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