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In this episode, I talk with a good friend of mine, Kurt Maechner, of For Real Wedding Films about how to tell a great story through video, why it’s important to get your work out there, the value of working with a mentor, and what was inside a locked car with the engine running that gave him a scare.

Kurt is an English teacher, husband, father of five girls, and one who loves to tell great stories through video. You’ll benefit from his stories, tips and the key things that helped bring him to where he is today.


From the interview…

  • How Kurt surrounds himself with beautiful women every day
  • What initially got Kurt interested in video
  • Kurt’s early video and editing endeavors
  • The value of a mentor and how a special couple really gave him a boost
  • Kurt’s love for story telling, for creating something gripping, intriguing
  • The value of words and a phrase that meant a lot to him: “Kurt, you really know how to tell a story”
  • How did he turn his attention to wedding videos
  • What makes his style of videos different
  • A key partnership that helped him get his work out there and connect with clients
  • Kurt and his wife, Beth, and their passion for strengthening marriages
  • Who used the phrase “Are you for real?”
  • The importance of creating videos that capture the best part of people as they are
  • What this business has allowed him to see and experience
  • A time when things didn’t quite go according to plan
  • Some key thoughts on pricing and the value of your work

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