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On episode 13, I talk with Kevin Payne from Family Money Adventure about how taking the leap to start blogging and creating his website has opened new doors that he wouldn’t have imagined. Kevin also shares some common pitfalls for families when dealing with money and how to plan epic trips on a budget.

Kevin is passionate about helping other families make good choices, make great memories, and love life together. You’ll want to take notes as Kevin has a lot of great tips to share for parents as well as for starters like you.

 From the episode…

  • Three words that best describe Kevin: Passionate, Laid back (counts as one :), Creative.
  • How does he capture his ideas so he doesn’t loose them?
  • Who or what inspires him? Gary Vaynerchuck, other writers, and Kevin’s family.
  • What did Kevin want to be when he grew up?
  • What is his favorite doughnut and doughnut shop?
  • Background on his website launch ( and his passion for Family, Finances and Travel
  • The story of his family
  • Being a pioneer
  • Some of the money hangups that families run into
  • Four tips to help get back on track financially
  • Kevin’s travel hacking tips that have enabled their family to do fun things on a budget
  • Credit cards
  • New connections he’s discovered through blogging
  • Biggest challenges launching
  • Internal struggles, fear, self-doubt, finding time, imposter syndrome
  • Opportunities that have opened up as a result of starting and blogging
  • Kevin’s tips for those looking to take their dream or passion and do something more with it


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