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On this episode, I talk with Ken Cavanaugh, owner of Cavanaugh Photography about his passion for capturing memories through pictures, the value of mentor, learning what you DON’T want to do, the importance of great customer service, and what a limousine did that nearly ruined his day.

The interview is packed full of so many great tips for you  as you start or grow your business or passion.

 From the interview…

  • Ken’s favorite go-to coffee
  • One of Ken’s dreams
  • Who and what Ken would love to go back in time to photograph…. maybe even together.
  • How Ken got interested in photography. Some of his other loves as well.
  • The impact that having his pictures published made in his confidence
  • The value of a mentor that helped shape his skills and career
  • Trying something new and finding out it wasn’t a good fit.
  • Making the leap with his wife to starting his own business
  • How a simple business plan was a life saver
  • His original focus and how it shifted over the years.
  • His recurring nightmare
  • What you can learn after photographing 400 weddings
  • What we lose with digital photography
  • What it’s like to be sweating bullets but still come through for your customer
  • Some of the great things that having his own business has allowed him to do
  • The freedom to call your own shots, make your own decisions
  • The value of diversifying and knowing your craft
  • Customer service can make or break your business
  • Never think a job is beneath you
  • Ken believes that every person deserves to get a great photo of themselves. It can change how they view themselves.


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