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Dale and Heather Aceron nearly didn’t make it through the first two years of their marriage. But their marriage found new life and they learned what it took to have a thriving relationship. Today, they share practical marriage tips on their Quick and Dirty Marriage Podcast and are passionate about seeing marriages and communities renewed.

In this interview, you’ll hear how dark those early days were, what key things happened to help them dig out and begin to build a strong marriage, and what brought them to launch their own podcast.

 From the interview…

  • Three words that describe Dale and Heather
  • Who or what inspires them
  • Their pet peeves
  • What did they want to be when they grew up
  • The story of their marriage
  • “No wonder we’re in so much trouble. We don’t know anything!”
  • “If we, as broken as we were, could make this work… anybody can make this work”
  • The benefits of a healthy marriage on children and a community
  • “I believe we can changes society that way, one marriage at a time”
  • The value of mentor couples along the way and the words of their pastor
  • Why you can’t go into a marriage expecting your spouse to fill all your broken places
  • The importance of understanding how we’re wired
  • Most people hit bottom before they reach for help. Don’t.
  • Dale’s earlier podcast idea, eight years ago
  • Battling to keep a dream alive
  • The most rewarding aspects of making the leap to launch and grow their podcast — knowing they are making a difference in marriages.
  • How to make a podcast happen with the craziness of family life.


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