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On episode 14, I talk with singer, songwriter, pastor and musician Jelani Pinnock (@jelaniaswad). We talk about his new single, King of Zion, his love for music, his inspiring story, and his passion for building into others and helping them use their gifts.

Jelani has tons of great things to share in this interview. Plus a surprise announcement! Check out my notes below for some details on what you’ll find in episode 14…

 From the episode…

  • Three words that best describe him: calm, passionate, real.
  • Who inspires him? Mom, his youth pastor growing up, Bob Marley, Israel Houghton, his wife, Kanye West.
  • What did he want to be when he grew up: to have a doctorate. A love for learning
  • A little bit about his family: surprise!
  • Pet peave
  • His current project. The Revival Project
  • New single: King of Zion (available everywhere).
  • His style
  • What started back in 2013
  • His business partner Clifford Gray
  • Their music label, the Launching Pad Music Group
  • Excellence is important
  • Set a new standard
  • The roots of his love for music
  • A love for songwriting – over 200 songs
  • His spiritual journey. Walking away. Turning around.
  • Learning. Going back to school.
  • Knowing your why
  • Do well what’s in front of you
  • Be Excellent. Understand Your Why. Pursue God Above All Else.


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